I’ve noticed that whenever I get a new client and I ask if they take time to stretch, almost always the response is “I should”.  When I ask other questions like do you exercise regularly or take breaks when you’re at the computer for long periods of time, again most of the time the answer is “I should.”  I never hear the word NO. When my clients answer “I should” they seem to answer as if they’re guilty of something.

We all know what we SHOULD be doing so why don’t we do it?  Simple things like walking, exercising, and stretching seem to get pushed to the side when people become busy with work, their kids, meetings, traveling, social events, etc.  We know what’s good for us and what makes our bodies feel good.  It’s just so easy to get distracted and not take the time to move and stretch.  Living in a tight achy body becomes the norm.

That’s where I come in.  Many of the exercises I teach are easy to incorporate into our daily schedule.  In fact, most of my clients have done them at some point in their lives.

Much of what we do for exercise we could do on our own, but we need someone to hold us accountable to stay consistent.  A client of mine that I’ve been working with for a while now decided over the summer to cut back on our weekly workouts and switch to meeting every other week.  That same client started traveling for work and had to put off our sessions for a few weeks.  We met yesterday for a session and afterwards she said, “I just don’t work out on my own and I feel so much better after I see you, I want to go back to seeing you weekly.”  When I think about what it is that works for her, it’s not just that I teach her how to do the correct exercise that pinpoints exactly what she needs, I hold her accountable.  I make sure that she’s doing something good for her body at least once a week for an hour. I give her homework and when we meet weekly she’s really good about doing it as well.

We have seen her posture get better, her hips get looser, her core and gluts stronger, plus she no longer has back or knee discomfort.  One thing I have also noticed is when she’s feeling good in her body she is more motivated to eat a clean diet.  These things are huge when it comes to her future and how she will age.

Holding my clients accountable to exercise and stretch consistently turns their answer from ‘I should’ to ‘I do’.

What can you DO today that will help you feel better in your body?  If you’re not sure, reply to this email (or contact me at 650-746-4774 ) and lets schedule a consultation.  Feeling better is literally a call away.