Feel better in your body

In-home Pilates for busy moms, pregnant women, menopausal women, and men too!
Find out how we can help

Reduce back, knee, hip and other pain

that is often associated with pregnancy and motherhood

Create flat abs

by healing and restoring stomach muscles, for that pre-baby belly

Improved muscle tone

to keep every part of you limber and strong

Improve body posture

to keep back pain at bay

Increase muscle strength and flexibility

for a long, lean physique

Strengthen core muscles

which are essential for picking up your baby dozens of times every day

Feel better in your body

by strengthening what is weak and stretching what is tight

Reduce stress and feel great

for a happier and more active life
I highly recommend Cara.  She’s been my Pilates instructor for the last 8 months and is amazing.  I started working with her for problems with my lower back and general flexibility issues and continue to work with her because I feel significantly better afterwards.  Cara created a tailored approach, along with detailed instructions for homework, that has resulted in dramatic improvement.  She took the the time to understand my problems and assess my body and is always cheerful, energetic and positive.  A+.
Bill D.

Working out (Pilates) with Cara is a pleasure!   She knows all of the moves, and is very caring and kind.   She is a joyful person, and she makes the workouts fun.   She is knowledgable about all sorts of injuries (and how to prevent them, and how to work within the confines of an injured person’s limitations.)
Kristan N.

Hot Mama Pilates gets new moms, pregnant women and menopausal women feeling good in their bodies. We focus on Pilates exercises to reduce back pain, create flat abs, improve muscle tone, improve body posture, increase flexibility, strengthen core, and reduce stress – the things a woman’s body needs most.

Because we know your time is precious we provide in-home sessions for San Francisco based women. Nap time is now Hot Mama Pilates time.

Find out more about Hot Mama Pilates, who we arewhat we do and how we help can help you feel better in your body.  Contact us with any questions or to book an appointment!

Cara is an awesome Pilates instructor. She helped me work on my breathing and strengthening my core post-baby. Loved my privates with Cara and encourage anyone, especially post-baby mamas, to check her out!
Cindy F.

In-home Sessions

You’re busy.  That’s why we provide home or office sessions in the SF bay area. Find out more >

Personalized Workouts

Because your strengths and trouble areas are unique to you, we provide Pilates sessions designed for your body and goals. Find out more >

Designed for Women

We focus on known trouble spots for women, no matter if you’re a busy professional, new mom, athlete or just want to look and feel great.  Find out more >

Homework You'll Do

No fancy equipment needed.  We teach you simple yet powerful exercises to incorporate into your everyday life.  Find out more >

Pilates for moms

Moms / Postnatal Women

Hot Mama Pilates restores core and pelvic floor muscles while improving flexibility and strength for a long, lean body…and a flat tummy.  Find out more >

San Francisco in-home Pilates sessions for moms

Pregnant Women

Hot Mama Pilates is safe exercise that will help your body stay strong during pregnancy and quickly bounce back into shape as a new mom.  Find out more >
Pilates for Menopausal Women

Menopausal Women

Hot Mama Pilates is safe, low-impact training to strengthen your body while helping relieve the symptoms of menopause.  Find out more >
Pilates workout for busy professionals

Men & Busy Professionals

Our in-home / office workouts, flexible scheduling and tailored training sessions are perfect for busy professionals – men or women.  Find out more >

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